Group Coaching

Join me for Coach U's Build Your Personal Foundation program.

Begin your path to an exceptional life!  If you are a person in transformation, and are hungry for change, then I invite you to participate.  I'm looking for individuals who are up to a rigorous challenge!  Class is one hour per week for 10 weeks with additional homework assigned.

In this program you will work on:

  • Clearing unresolved matters
  • Restoring your integrity
  • Getting all of your needs met
  • Extending your boundaries
  • Raising your personal standards
  • Perfecting the present
  • Eliminating what you are tolerating
  • Coming from positives
  • Resolving key family relationships
  • Creating and using 10 Daily Habits
  • Reorienting around your Tru Values
  • Raising your attraction

Cost is $300 + HST and includes the 10 classes plus a one on one coaching session with me.

Please call me at 705-956-0435 to discuss when the next class will begin.
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